Fishing in Petra Lesvos

Mitsos Koularas invites you to join him on his boat as he works in the sea.

The fishing expeditions start in the remote harbor of Petra, close to Molyvos

Mitsos was born and raised along the Gulf of Kalloni, also known as Aristotle's Lagoon. In the Summer, he parks his fishing boat in the harbour of Petra to give you the possibility to join him on his fishing expeditions and to experience the life of a Greek fisherman.

What do we offer?

Morning and evening

It is up to you: join him early in the morning, collect the nets or a longline and sort the catch. Of course, you will have time for a swim in the Aegean Sea.

Or step on board at the end of the afternoon, throw the nets in the sea, enjoy the sunset, and collect the nets during the night. You decide which fishing trip suits you best. After both excursions, you can eat some catch if you like! 

The Boat

Mitsos' fishing boat is 8 meters long. It is a modern ship with a cabin, licensed to carry eight guests. There is a sonar fishing computer on board, which checks the depth of the seawater, and helps find the shoals of fish.

The Catch

The fishermen of Petra catch several kinds of fish and seafood: sea ​​bream, lobster, bonito, swordfish, cod, sardines, shrimps, tuna, red and grey mullet, etc.

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